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The Oldest Yet Most Effective form of Advertising - Hugues Joublin

The Oldest Yet Most Effective form of Advertising – Hugues Joublin

Direct mail is dead!

That’s what most people say, but Hugues Joublin believes otherwise.

To find out the truth, we decided to do some research, and what we discovered changed our way of thinking about traditional marketing.

Digital media is consuming our lives at a rapid pace. We no longer give much attention to any messages we receive. Did you know that an email’s average lifespan is 2 seconds, compared to the brand recall of digital ads, which is 44%? On the other hand, direct mail has a brand recall of 75%.

Say, what?

Yes, you read it right!

So, direct mail isn’t dead yet. While direct email has a higher direct response rate, the initial low cost of email makes it more appealing to marketers. However, direct mail offers triple the return, which is why adding it to your marketing strategy is a no-brainer.

According to Hugues Joublin, direct mail is more personal and trusted, and email is informal and quick. Moreover, the latter might fall into your Spam folder and be forgotten. This is not the case with direct mail.

Hugues Joublin Explains Why to Use Direct Mail

Direct mail is your business’s partner-in-crime, one you didn’t know you needed. It helps you pass through the digital noise and get to valuable customer touchpoints. For example, you are in the tourism industry and target potential customers through scenic postcards. The chances of this postcard ending up on the refrigerator are high because they hold a certain appeal.

They act as a longer-term reminder, sort of like a business card.

You Can Target a Recipient No Matter Where They Are

Most people signup with their business email to a newsletter to avoid clutter in their personal inbox. When the person leaves the company, the email bounces. Hugues Joublin says this is not the case with direct mail. The message is sent to their P.O. Box, allowing your brand to stay top of mind.

You Don’t Need to Fight for Attention, According to Hugues Joublin

Email can be a bit overwhelming. According to research conducted in 2014, the average business receives 121 emails daily. The numbers will only increase in the future. When a company sends an email, it can get overshadowed by other emails, making it difficult for the recipient to distinguish the relevant messages from the mess. By contrast, direct mail is free of this hassle.

Certain Offers Get More Traction by Direct Mail

For B2B companies, direct mail is a better approach to bag a client with high-value services and products. Yes, you can attach a link in the email, but direct mail offers you a tangible way to present your content without distractions.

Digital marketing is here to stay, but don’t forget the success that traditional marketing methods have given in the past. You need to develop the right digital and traditional strategy, and Hugues Joublin believes your business will soar.