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Is Blogging an Important Part of Digital Media? Hugues Joublin Answers

Is Blogging an Important Part of Digital Media? Hugues Joublin Answers

Plenty of digital marketing strategies promise great success for your brand. What if there was one that increased your lead generation by 67%? What if this strategy also gave you a positive ROI and increased traffic to your website by 97%? Not embracing this strategy would be like throwing away money.

So, what is it?


According to Hugues Joublin, blogging and SEO go hand-in-hand. The latter lends more visibility to your website, and the former gives you credibility. These are two traits that every brand should have.

How SEO Adds Value to Blogging by Hugues Joublin

Let’s say you run an “XYZ” company that sells shoes, specifically winter boots. A customer searching for this product will usually type “winter boots” in the search engine rather than your company name; this is where your blog comes in. The more relevant, unique, and SEO-optimized your website, the higher it will rank in the search engine.

As a result, you can drive more traffic to your website. Blogging consistently will give the spiders crawling your website new content to assess and label your website as “active.” Hence, the more clicks on your link!

Now that you know how blogging works, let’s take a look at why Hugues Joublin believes it is important for digital marketing:

Blogs Showcase a Consistent Marketing Strategy

Advertising your products and services is not easy. In today’s competitive world, you need to stand, and blogging helps you do this. Most businesses write simple and informative pieces with a couple of bullet points to make the content readable. While this is a good strategy, a great one would be to mix up your content and include videos, interviews, stats, and case studies in it. Along with the content being useful, it should also be of high quality.

Hugues Joublin Says Blogging Builds Reputation

To build your brand’s reputation, you need to become an authority in your field. Blogging is an investment that requires your time to do extensive research. Don’t just share your perspective with the world but write it in a way that relates to the readers.

Blogging Establishes Trust 

Hugues Joublin says blogging is a great way to build trust. More than 80% of online users in the US trust advice and information they read in blogs. Make sure your content is backed by research. It will help improve brand recognition and boost sales.

Blogging Gets You More Leads

Blogging can help drive readers to your website. If your content answers a search query, a reader is more likely to visit your website when they reach the CTA. Hence, you need to post trending content to increase the number of clicks to your website.

There’s a right way to blog and at the core of it is ― creating high-quality content. Hugues Joublin says that if you master this trick, you can increase customer engagement. High-quality content will help you establish a success cycle where your customers tell you what they want to read next, and you schedule the content accordingly.