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How Social Media Affects Brand Reputation

Hugues Joublin  – How Social Media Affects Brand Reputation

In the social media age, one bad review can ruin a business’s reputation. Just ask United Airlines, which saw its stock price drop sharply after a passenger was dragged off an overbooked plane. Pepsi is another example;,it had to pull an ad that many people felt was tone-deaf in the current political climate.

Social media has made it easier than ever for customers to share their experiences with businesses – good and bad. And when it comes to brand reputation, negative reviews and posts can do serious damage.

So how can businesses protect their reputation in the age of social media? Here are a few tips by Hugues Joublin.

How to Protect Your Brand Reputation Through Social Media per Hugues Joublin

Monitor Social Media Closely

According to Hugues Joublin, businesses should set up Google Alerts for your business name and key executives, and set up searches on Twitter and other social networks. Use a tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to help you keep track of what’s being said about your brand online.

Since social media is always changing, it’s important to stay on top of the latest platforms and trends. You never know when a new platform will emerge that could be vital to your business.

Engage With Your Customers

When someone leaves a negative review or posts something derogatory about your brand on social media, don’t ignore it. Responding quickly and professionally can help diffuse the situation and turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied one.

Of course, you should also engage with customers who have had positive experiences with your brand. Thank them for their business and let them know you’re happy to have them as a customer.

Respond Quickly to Negative Reviews and Posts

When you do see a negative review or post, don’t ignore it. Respond quickly and apologetically. Take the conversation offline if possible.

Negative reviews can actually be an opportunity to show customers that you care about their experience and are willing to make things right.

Think Twice Before Posting

Before you post anything on social media, think about how it could be perceived – by your customers, your employees, or the general public. If there’s any chance it could be misinterpreted, don’t post it.

In the age of social media, it’s important to be proactive about protecting your brand reputation. By monitoring what’s being said online and responding quickly to negative reviews and posts, you can help protect your business from the potentially damaging effects of social media.

Encourage Positive Reviews and Posts

Hugues Joublin suggests that businesses should make it easy for customers to leave positive reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Send out surveys to customers after they make a purchase, and encourage them to leave a review if they’re satisfied with their experience.

Build a Positive Reputation Offline Too

Remember that social media is just one part of your reputation. Make sure you’re providing great customer service and delivering quality products and services. If you do that, positive reviews and posts will follow.

The rise of social media has changed the way businesses interact with customers and manage their reputations. In the past, a business’s reputation was based largely on word-of-mouth. But now, thanks to social media, one bad review can ruin a business’s reputation.


As a business owner, it’s important to be proactive about managing your brand’s reputation online. By taking these steps mentioned by Hugues Joublin, you can help protect your business from the potentially damaging effects of social media.